We were thrilled with the progress our son made within less than a year of working with Dione.  We were impressed with the in depth assessment and tailor made program for our son.  I would highly recommend Dione for any child in need of speech therapy.


Dione has worked with our son for one year now and the progress he has made is amazing. Dione took her time listening to and observing him to determine how best to customize his therapy to work with his needs.  She is always patient especially on those days that he just has a case of the silly's and wants to jump around.  She will change up her plan on the spot to find an activity that will both help him and make it fun for him. She is thorough when explaining exactly what she is working on with him and what steps we as a family can take to help Zach meet his goals.  We can’t thank her enough.


Dione is gift. Her love of working with children is obvious as she engages and pushes our son to realize his potential. My husband and I have seen great progress in our son’s speech and we are grateful for Dione’s professionalism. She has included us and truly has created a team. Our son enjoys his time with Dione and specifically requests time to “play” with her. We could not be happier.


Dione's approach to speech and language development with my daughter was extremely successful. Her teaching methods gave my daughter confidence to persevere, and Dione was tenacious in working through distracting behaviors that with past therapists would impede the session's productivity. After the summer ended, many of Dione's tools and approaches were shared with my daughter's school and implemented for continued success