Dione came to our facility to do a presentation on Speech/Language Development. Dione gave everyone such great information and answered all of our questions. We have even scheduled an additional event at another campus that will allow Dione to present more great information to our attendees. We are thankful that we have Dione as a resource in our area! We look forward to continuing a partnership with her! -Momentum Early Learning, Marketing Coordinator

Dione is gift. Her love of working with children is obvious as she engages and pushes our son to realize his potential. My husband and I have seen great progress in our son’s speech and we are grateful for Dione’s professionalism. She has included us and truly has created a team. Our son enjoys his time with Dione and specifically requests time to “play” with her. We could not be happier.


My son worked with Ms Dione over the summer to supplement the intervention he receives during the school year. She is great to work with. She chose age appropriate games to play with my 3 year old. Even though he was working on his speech he was having so much fun. My 5 year old daughter would watch his sessions and want to play the games her brother was playing. I highly recommend Ms Dione. We will be seeking her services again this summer.  


Dione has been a great help to me in my efforts to improve my understanding of speech.  She understands hearing loss and all its implications, and works with me to provide exercises we can do together and I can take home in my slow journey to comprehension after having a cochlear implant.  I always look forward to spending time in her studio, with the variety of activities which are punctuated by her sunny smile and upbeat enthusiasm.  And she never fails to follow up on my progress between visits.  Thank you, Dione.


My daughter has attended sessions to improve her speech, Dione has provided software that, she can use on her iPad to use at home and I am hearing improvements in her speech.